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Voices of Earth 2022  consists of my video recordings & sounds, as well as sonifications of NASA. They were created on the Atlantic island of Madeira.


There, nature is streaming constantly: ocean, wind, clouds, fog are in constant motion. "Panta Rhei" as Heraclitus said: Everything moves on, and nothing stays the same.

This can be applied also to objects, forests and mountains: they flow.


Quantum physics describes reality as particle-wave dualism: objects are particles and waves at the same time. Nothing has a solid core. The inside of matter is empty, vibrating. However, we cannot "see" this, just as we cannot see black holes holding all galaxies together.

Equally our physical world has arisen from massive large-scale events in the cosmos: Atomic mergers in Super Novae. Everything remains completely preserved, transforms, but remains invisible in essence.


The island of Madeira is often hidden under wandering nebulae. 

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