degree of Fine Arts, diploma with distinction in the field of photography/media,

Master student with Christiane Hantzsch, Berlin/ Jan Erik Parlow / Prof. Stephan Schneider, Essen.

Installations/ Exhibitions


WE WANT THE TRUTH. THE WHOLE TRUTH, 2 channel Video-Sound-Installation, Frankfurt a.M.


Portraits of murdered and persecuted journalists

Space poetry with Durs Grünbein, Stefan Linke and 

„Sounds of the Vacuum“ © Joanna Vortmann, Braunschweig

more information:, Dr. Marie-Luise Heuser

Sounds of the Vacuum 6 channel sound-installation 2019

Inspiration from outer space, Heine-Haus Düsseldorf

Open studios Guest with Hussam Al-Basam, Cologne

By the Utopia - The Not Place, Wiesbaden Photo Days 2019

Women's Museum Wiesbaden

WE WANT THE TRUTH. THE WHOLE TRUTH, 2 channel Video-Sound-Installation, 

Colliery Ewald "Extraschicht", Herten with


Portraits of murdered and persecuted journalists

Without title probably lost, 3 channel video-sound-installation,

Moltkerei Werkstatt, Cologne

Sounds of the Vacuum, 6 channel sound-installation, "Technical problems", 

ONOMATO, Düsseldorf

Viriditas-Green power and Spheeres, Old St. Maternus church, Cologne


WE WANT THE TRUTH. THE WHOLE TRUTH, 2 channel video sound installation,

Parliamentary breakfast in Berlin

WE WANT THE TRUTH. THE WHOLE TRUTH, 2 channel video sound installation,

Moltkerei Werkstatt, Cologne

No Picture of God, St. Mary's Cathedral, Velbert-Negives

Bardo and Below the Heavens, Collier Ewald, "Extraschicht" Herten,

WE WANT THE TRUTH. THE WHOLE TRUTH, 2 channel video sound installation,

Valletta, Malta

remember, Dreikönigskirche, Dresden


interspaces, gallery of Kulturwerk, Aachen

On the way to art, Days of Art in Schwalmtal

Green Power Viriditas, monastery Arenberg, Koblenz

Essential Malta, Collier Ewald, "Extraschicht", Herten


Photographs - The Traces of People, gallery of Kulturwerk, Aachen

Homage to the forest, Castle Drachenburg Art Gallery, Königswinter

Deep Photo World, Gallery Art Cafe, Cologne

WOMEN'S VIEW OF NATURE, Gallery, Düsseldorf

Utopia, Museum at the Ostwall, Dortmund

FOREST PIECES, mayor's house, Essen-Werden

Self-perception, Creative lodging Scheidt'sche Hallen art space, Essen

Wormhole, forecourt pitvar, raptured; Workgroup Utopia, Essen

deprive, video sound installation, Moltkerei workshop, Cologne


Identity, nomination Wiesbaden Fototage and exhibition, Wiesbaden


Homage, Identity, KARO, Essen

Utopia, nomination for sponsorship Freie Kunst (FVK) and exhibition, Essen

Utopia, Open Studio Guest with Katrin Vester, Cologne

Traces, Artstage, Freiburg im Breisgau



Identity – Home, FKT, Bochum

Alev, Homage, Essen

Behind the scenes, hands, Monastery Arenberg, Koblenz

The Radiant Legacy, (repro.), Civic Center, Cologne,

Self-perception, nomination for Essener Förderpreis (sponsorship) (VzKW) and exhibition, Essen

Jury Member


Essener Award (sponsorship committee)

Awards / Grants


1st prize winner Essener Award, FVK, Essen



Grants holder, Onomato Artist association and cultural office Dusseldorf