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Tschönyi Bardo

9 channel video-sound-installation 2017


State of experiencing the reality

The video-sound-installation is inspired by "Tschönyi Bardo", the "state of experiencing the reality".

Water is the element, that this Bardo is artistically representing.

It is the element that is changing the most, as it can be regarded as a large transformer. Water

is covering a main portion of the earth and is vital to the human body. Water is the element of birth

and an elixir of life, it stands at the beginning of creation, but also represents the border to the Sheol (Styx).

In an intermediate state of being "carried away", the mind in the Bardo is confronted with images and impressions that it has created itself.

These impressions can be peaceful and paradisiac, or wrathful and chaotic.

The torrential waters of the spring, raging through a narrow mountain ravine, seemingly chaotic and violent,

in contemplation offer a quiet and timeless dimension that can be read both forwards and backwards (The past,

and the future), if one gets involved with this motion.

In the almost gentle dynamics of the ocean waves, chaos can settle and light shines.

The task of the Tschönyi Bardo is to get carried away - but without losing himself, and at the end of a tumultuous dynamic

to recognize the "clear primordial light": "You will now see the appearance of the original light. Recognize this as such!

I beg you, take this excercise on you. "(Tibetan Book of the Dead)

The return to the water is a return to the origin.

The video-sound-installation wants to link a feeling for the powerful forces that define us.

Presented on nine large canvases, it creates space of experience that shows:

These powerful forces are not outside of us - nor their dynamism and grandeur.

The "white noise" of the revoked sound opens the door to archaic images of inner realities

(Tschönyi Bardo)

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