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Without  title -  probably  lost  


3 channel video sound installation 2018



Nobody knows if what happens in the brain of a human,

has something to do with the reality outside of this human.

The so-called reality is constructed, changeable, temporary and subjective.

What happens when constructed reality is lost to itself?

It creates emptiness; and everything can emerge from this void.

This video sound installation is the reconstruction of this purely inward experience.




Loose - familiar paths transition into unknown fields,

where she can not recognize herself.

Something arrives, at first slightly, like mist, almost imperceptible,

bit by bit.

The gained, the collections of long ways,

accumulated like wave on beach.

The direction is turning.

Everything returns, to what is armorphous, behind frame and form.

Or was it before?

Impressions form, deform, to moments or people, to visions,

to forests, papers, books, pictures, losses, maybe?

And even anger and sadness are lost in unexpected blissful moments, maybe?

Words do not obey with what she experiences.

That was another life.

Breathing, resting, in the last-known,

Rooms, shelters, atmospheres, and waiting

while words fade names and deeds and intent.

Nothing stays the same, the world sinks into the ground of streaming air.

There, the movement itself, unrecognizable directions,

which lead into the void, but you do not have to ...

probably ... what for?


Emptiness remains, and emptiness can shine, eventually.  

Shine. Without. Title.

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