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remember 2017/18

7 light boxes 72 cm x 52 cm, Diasec opal matt

Presented in built hermitages, each with a wooden chair.



"Remember ..." makes references and builds bridges:

between Christian-Western culture and Buddhism,

between well-known motifs of the Old Masters art

and their conversion into contemporary form.  

The motifs pick up topics that concern everyone:

Waste, life and death, dealing with the past,

the direction we go to.


When the whole world is in political and economic turmoil,

It is all the more important to remember what is essential.

And think about how we can build bridges instead of walls.

"Remember" can open the room for it.


Hannah Arendt says: "It is the retreat from the world and its affairs that opens up the possibility of seeing what is really there."

Reduction can serve to focus on your own thoughts and actions.


Between them is the essence.

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