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Identity – Home 2013-2017

Fine Art on Dibond 30 cm x 45 cm

Identity is a term "used to characterize people".


The focus is on "which features are considered essentiall in the self-image of individual dignity

or of groups which are considered essential." (Wikipedia)


Home is the "country or place where one was born and grew up

or where one feels at home through permanent residence." (Duden) 


August Sander's portraits "People of the 20th Century", mainly from North Rhine-Westphalia, show a cross-section of the society of his time. 


The work "Identity - Home" shows residents of North Rhine-Westphalia today.

A snapshot of people who currently live here. 


All of the contributors do not live in their place of birth - due to hardship, existential constraints or for professional and/or family reasons.


I asked each person to bring five personal objects on the subject of "identity - home". 

I did not set any guidelines.


I show that internationality is something familiar and that the ties to where we come from unite us all.

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