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Bardo 2017

Diasec®  Laser chrome print  


"Bardo" means "intermediate state".  

Bardos are mental spaces that open during meditation, and enable transitions,  

they can be seen as areas of existence between life and death,  

and also as realms in the unearthly world.

The Bardos are precisely described in the "Tibetan Book of the Dead".


The work consists of five photographs and a video-sound-installation.


The View = Shinay Bardo (80 cm x 120 cm). This represents life in human form from the moment of birth.


The Ride = Milan Bardo (100 cm x 150 cm). The second most frequent state of consciousness: Dreaming.


Horizon = Velvet Bardo (90 cm x 60 cm). The experience of clarity and formlessness in deep meditation.


Underworld = Tschikhai Bardo ((60 cm x 90 cm). The transition to another world.


Transit = Sipa Bardo (60 cm x 90 cm). The reincarnation in another realm of existence.


Water = Tschönyi Bardo (video sound installation). The experience of reality and the experience of the primordial (clear) light


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