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11 Fine Art in the object frame 20 cm x 28 cm and 30 cm x 40 cm


Malta is one of the 10 most water-scarce countries in the world. 

A large population density in a small area, the lack of natural freshwater sources 

and an additional 1.5 million tourists per year are a growing ecological burden for the island archipelago. 

Limited groundwater sources are being over-exploited by illegal agricultural wells, 

but the government is struggling to sanction this. 

Large seawater desalination plants give the impression that there is water in abundance,

but the backflow of the salty brine contributes to oxygen depletion in the waters - the coastal areas become oxygen-deprived death zones where nothing grows. 

Since ancient times, the island's forests have been cut down, so there are hardly any trees to provide coolness or store rainwater. 

Locals call their island "The Rock." 

An island - surrounded by water, which can not quench the thirst of plants, animals and people.

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